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Arianespace signs multi-launch contract with SES

By SpaceRef Editor
June 18, 2007
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The SES group and Arianespace announced the signature of a framework contract that will guarantee launch services for several satellites deployed by the global operator SES.

The agreement covers launches planned between 2009 and 2013. Arianespace will give the world’s leading satellite operator exceptional flexibility and capacity, based on the unrivalled availability of its launcher family.

The Ariane 5 and Soyuz launchers deliver the reliability and performance needed to guarantee innovative launch services that meet the future deployment needs of the SES satellite fleet.

Commenting on this contract, Romain Bausch, Chairman and CEO of SES, said: “We are confident that with this innovative agreement in place, the continuous development and replacement of our global satellite fleet is ensured at competitive conditions for the foreseeable future, providing SES with an additional competitive edge. Arianespace and SES have a long history together dating back to the launch of our first satellite in 1988 and we look forward to continue this mutually successful collaboration. ”

Arianespace Chairman and CEO Jean-Yves Le Gall added: “This contract is for us a major event that confirms our strategic partnership with SES building upon a foundation of 26 launches performed for the SES family, and provides clear proof that Arianespace offers tailored services and solutions that respond to our customers’ needs. I would like to thank SES for their renewed confidence in us, reflected in this latest contract. Their selection confirms that Arianespace, with our Ariane 5 and Soyuz launchers, sets the global standard in space transportation.”

About Arianespace

Arianespace is the world’s leading launch Service & Solutions company, delivering innovative services and solutions to its customers for more than 25 years. Backed by 23 shareholders, including the European Space Agency, Arianespace offers an unrivalled launcher family, comprising Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega, and an international workforce renowned for their culture of excellence. Arianespace has launched 246 satellites since being founded, including more than 60% of the commercial satellites now in service worldwide. It has a steady backlog of about 40 satellites to be launched, equal to more than three years of operations.

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