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Arbitration Panel Upholds Loral’s Termination of Alliance With Alcatel

By SpaceRef Editor
February 25, 2002
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Loral Space &
Communications announced today that it was notified by an
International Chamber of Commerce arbitration panel in Geneva,
Switzerland, that the panel has affirmed the validity of Space
System/Loral’s termination of its agreements with Paris-based Alcatel
Space concerning the satellite manufacturing business, effective
February 22, 2002.

The agreements between Alcatel and SS/L were terminable on one
year’s notice and, on February 22, 2001, Loral gave notice to Alcatel
that they would expire on February 22, 2002. While Alcatel maintained
that the notice was not effective, the panel ruled in Loral’s favor on
this matter. The agreements are therefore terminated.

The agreements with Alcatel date back to 1991 and have outlived
their usefulness due to the evolution of the space industry and the
emergence of Alcatel as a direct competitor of Loral’s.

In the arbitration, Alcatel’s assertion that there were various
breaches of the agreements was upheld. Alcatel claimed that certain
provisions of the agreements relating to the exchange of information,
along with certain procedural or administrative provisions, were
violated by Loral. Loral believes that Alcatel’s claims for damages
are completely without merit. The panel will decide whether those
breaches gave rise to damages at a later date.

Loral Space & Communications is a high technology company that
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