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Aphelion Orbitals Secures Seed Funding, Announces Plans to Revolutionize Low-Cost Space Access

By SpaceRef Editor
July 30, 2017
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Aphelion Orbitals, Inc., an innovative nanosatellite manufacturer and launch services provider, announced today it has successfully closed on $500K in seed funding from an international group of angel investors. With the brightest young talent in the aerospace industry, Aphelion Orbitals operates from offices in New York City, NY and Titusville, FL as well as an R&D facility in Union City, NJ. Aphelion Orbitals was founded to dramatically reduce the costs of getting to space for nano-satellites and revolutionize access to space.

CubeSats are a class of nanosatellites that use a standard size and form factor.  The standard size uses a 1.33kg “one unit” or “1U” module measuring 10x10x10 cm, extendable to larger sizes. By developing the only small launch vehicle dedicated to the CubeSat-class market and a total mass to orbit less than 20kg, Aphelion Orbitals provides services optimized for both performance and price.

Aphelion Orbitals’ Feynman CubeSat launch system is optimized for payloads up to 6U. Future versions will allow larger payloads and permit deep space trajectories. Aphelion Orbitals offers a complete turnkey system, including satellite bus and systems so that customers will only need to interface their payload to the spacecraft.

“Aphelion Orbitals’ successful seed round represents a major milestone in the creation of our very low-cost, regularly scheduled space launch service,” said Sihao Huang, CEO of Aphelion Orbitals, Inc. “This investment signifies both recognition of our technical foundation and the strong demand for a dedicated nanosatellite launch system. We are excited about the breakthroughs that it will enable and the impact it will bring to the industry. At the same time, we look forward to bringing a number of services to market in the coming year and the return it will generate for our investors.”

“What we are doing is truly game-changing for the industry,” said Matthew Travis, COO. “We will open up access to space by an order of magnitude and at the lowest cost in the industry. Our goal is to make delivering a satellite to space no more difficult than shipping a package to New York.”

Aphelion Orbitals is grateful for the confidence its angel investors have placed in the vision and plan for low-cost space access. This funding will enable completion of the CubeSat product line and propulsion system development.

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Aphelion Orbitals was founded to exponentially expand access to space for small satellites using game-changing, ultra-low-cost reliable launch services and spacecraft. For more information, visit

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