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Announcing MADE FOR MARS Campaign

By SpaceRef Editor
January 12, 2016
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RedWorks, a New Space and additive manufacturing team in the development of 3D printed space habitats, is set to begin testing the first Mars Habitat Spinoff technologies in early 2016. These first spinoff technologies are part of the RedWorks’ Made for Mars program, which seeks to make use of engineering solutions designed for use in Mars habitats, and develop them for consumer and industrial applications in the near future.

RedWorks intends to introduce these spinoff programs to the general public as a means of connecting the public directly to the benefits of space exploration. These spinoffs will offer consumers and industry space-rated solutions to Earth-based problems. Spinoff technologies for affordable housing, land reclamation, erosion management, waste management, renewable energy, water conservation, and urban agriculture will offer the same ruthless efficiency used in space for people on Earth.

Since its inception, RedWork’s mission has been to create the tools for scientific and commercial space services to establish the basic infrastructure for operating on asteroids, the Moon, and ultimately Mars. The company is focusing on the development of low-cost, reliable space habitation solutions that can be produced from in-situ resources. RedWorks habitats will be capable of providing all the food, air, water and sanitation needs for four astronauts for at least a year, while protecting them from the elements of alien worlds. The lessons learned from designing the living systems and construction techniques of space habitat will inform the spinoff technologies of the Made for Mars program.

Demonstration of first Made for Mars spinoff products is set for early 2016 prototyping. Simultaneously, RedWorks will be expanding the scope of its Mars Habitat system to complete colonies for the Moon and Mars, which will, in turn, inform future spinoff technologies.


Located in Lancaster, CA, Redworks was created to provide a habitat and infrastructure tool-kit space launch capability for the emerging private spaceflight market, where costly pre-built modules are the only option. The RedWorks team consists of experienced aerospace engineers, geologists, sanitation engineers, and 3D printing experts that have spent the better part of the past decade working in and around the Aerospace industry and in astronautic engineering in academia.

By utilizing proven habitat features dating back to early-human civilization, RedWorks has positioned itself to be the technological and practical solution leader for space habitation and infrastructure services. .

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