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Andrews Space, Inc. Wins $18.7M Contract to Build and Fly Technology Demonstration Spacecraft

By SpaceRef Editor
April 19, 2005
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Andrews Space, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded the first phase of an $18.7 million contract from NASA’s Human & Robotic Technology (H&RT) Program to design, develop, launch, and operate a small spacecraft, called SmallTug, that will demonstrate key technologies and advanced orbital mechanics for application to NASA’s human and robotic exploration of the Moon and Mars.

During the first twelve months of the contract, Andrews will design a small spacecraft capable of flying N-body orbital trajectories, which require less fuel than conventional trajectories. The SmallTug will demonstrate electric propulsion systems, stretched-lens solar arrays, and take measurements of the radiation environment between the Earth and the Moon.

During the second phase of the contract, Andrews will build and launch the spacecraft into Earth orbit, where the satellite will perform a one-year mission to the Lunar LaGrange Point 1, which is located between Earth and the Moon, and return to a low Earth orbit.

The twelve-month phase one is valued at approximately $2.7 million. The thirty-six-month phase two is valued at approximately $16.0 million. The NASA contract will be managed by the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Andrews Space’s Director of NASA Programs and SmallTug Program Manager Eric Wetzel said, “Solar electric propulsion is critical to affordable exploration of the Moon and Mars. The SmallTug is a key step in developing larger systems that can move goods and supplies in cislunar space at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.”

Jason Andrews, President of Andrews Space, said, “We are excited to be one of the first spaceflight demonstrations as part of NASA’s Project Constellation. It is also extremely encouraging to see Admiral Steidle’s team select and engage small businesses to build and fly innovative systems to support the President’s Vision for Exploration. This is a new and exciting way of doing business with NASA that will greatly benefit both NASA and the country.”

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About the Company

Andrews Space is a privately held company developing new and innovative space transportation solutions for government and commercial markets. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Andrews’ technical competencies include product/system development, space system design, propulsion system design, systems engineering, and business analysis. To learn more, please visit:

Mission: Andrews Space will be a catalyst in the development, exploration, and commercialization of emerging space markets by providing innovative, entrepreneurial aerospace solutions to our commercial, civil, and military customers.

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