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Alpha Spacecom’s Planned Satellite Launch Early In 2003 To Usher In New Telecom Era In China

By SpaceRef Editor
March 4, 2002
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A company
spokesperson announced today that it is planning to launch its first
communications satellite in late 2003 providing interactive and on
demand services from its specialized Alpha Systems Platform ushering
in a new era of professionalism for the telecommunications industry in
China when in place. http//

Mr. Brian T. Brick, COO, stated that service industries, including
telecommunication, banking, insurance and securities have become focal
points of investment in China. And that Alphacom’s Platform, when
operational, is expected to be a key element in the development of
entertainment, communications and data transfer services to the
world’s largest consumer market.

The Alphacom System is a hybrid Ka/Ku-band satellite system
consisting of a Ka-band platform and a Ku-band platform with
interoperability between the two. The system can support “Star”
network(s) to provide unicast, multicast or broadcast connectivity, as
well as “Mesh” network(s) to provide point-to point connectivity. The
“Star” networks and the “Mesh” networks are the two basic network
configurations for any broadband systems to adopt.

In a “Star” network, one node or the “Star” node has connectivity
to a number of nodes that have no connectivity in between. In our
case, the satellite is the “Star” node which has connectivity to all
the receiving terminals or receiving nodes on the ground. In a “Mesh”
network, every node in the network has connectivity to any other node
in the network. All the terrestrial networks, broadband or narrowband
are “Mesh” networks. The “Star” networks are good for providing data
and TV or video broadcasting services. The “Mesh” networks are good
for providing user-to-user data communications. Most broadband
platforms including fiber-optic networks and CATV networks are limited
in their capabilities to support both “Star” network and “Mesh”
network connectivity. In addition to the unique capability of
supporting both “Star” and “Mesh” networks, the Alphacom System has a
high throughput of greater than 30 Gbps. With additional capability in
reconfiguring the connectivity, the system offers highly efficient
utilization of the frequency resources; thus making it cost
competitive against any other broadband platforms.

Alpha Spacecom is responsible for the overall
planning of the Alphacom System and the construction and management of
the space segment of the Alphacom system. Alpha Spacecom is
responsible for the development of the ground application systems and
equipment. As a company registered in Hong Kong, Alpha Spacecom has
inherent advantages to develop the space segment of the Alphacom
system. The world’s leading satellite system developer, the Lockheed
Martin Corporation, is the investing contractor responsible for the
design and construction of the Alphacom System including the
satellites, the Network Operations Center (NOC), the Regional
Operations Centers (ROC) and the Satellite Operations Center (SOC).
Alpha Spacecom will work with Alpha Satnet on the development and
applications of the ground networks. The ultimate mission for the
Company is work with the telecommunications and broadcasting
authorities of China and its neighboring countries to create
unprecedented economic and social benefits.

Management anticipates that the Alpha’s project will benefit
significantly from the intense competition amongst the international
media groups for access to the huge lucrative Chinese market. Alpha’s
System will provide significant access to a market estimated to be
over 300,000,000 subscribers.

He noted that a decade ago no one would have predicted that
leisure for China’s emerging urban middle class would have such an
American texture. The quality of life has improved, the country’s
improved, and even people’s ideas have changed. Americana is the

Mr. Brick went on to say that in the last two decades, China has
mainly opened its industries to overseas investors, and the nation
will continue to encourage foreigners to invest in its basic
industries, infrastructure construction and environmental protection.

The State Development Planning Commission (SDPC), the State’s
highest economic planning authority, recently announced that new
foreign investment guidelines were tailored to the commitments China
had made before it became a World Trade Organization (WTO) member.

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to update any statements in this news release. e-mail Brian T. Brick,
President/CEO at, Tele. 310-276-6743.

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