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AIA Welcomes White House Commitment to Reforming Commercial Space Policies

By SpaceRef Editor
May 25, 2018
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AIA Vice President for Space and Workforce commented on the signing of Space Policy Directive 2 in a post on the AIA AeroBlog today:
“We welcome the signing of Space Policy Directive 2 (SPD-2) and, while many details have yet to be worked out, we are a committed and constructive partner in revising and reducing cumbersome space regulations,” said AIA Vice President for Space and Workforce, Frank Slazer. “We are encouraged to see the emphasis on preserving radio spectrum for new space applications. We also urge the Administration to include modernization of the regulations enforcing the Missile Technology Control Regime, which were established long before many new space services such as private space transportation were envisioned.”
He also cited the policy prescriptions outlined in AIA’s May 2017 report, Engine for Growth, many of which are being adopted by the Trump Administration.
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