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AIA Welcomes Next Steps Toward Comprehensive Export Control Reform

By SpaceRef Editor
March 9, 2013
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Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO Marion C. Blakey applauds White House action on export control requirements for military aircraft and engines as a critical step toward enhancing American competitiveness in the export market.

Arlington, Va. — The Aerospace Industries Association welcomes today’s announcement of formal notification to Congress of the first tranche of impending revisions to the U.S. Munitions List. AIA has long advocated for changes to America’s outdated International Traffic in Arms Regulations and the munitions list; this action is a critical step toward implementation of comprehensive export control reform.

The inflexible application of export control restrictions coupled with their lack of clarity has long been a burden to the U.S. defense industrial base, a barrier to cooperation with our military allies and partners and a boon to our foreign competitors. Early in the Obama Administration’s first term, AIA endorsed a new, more rational approach that would subject essentially commercial parts and components to the more nuanced and specific levels of control available on the Commerce Control List while maintaining absolute prohibitions of export or re-export to countries of concern. Today’s announcement marks the final steps required before formal launch of our recommended reforms can occur. We commend the Obama Administration for their commitment to common sense reform of our export control system and urge Congress to review and approve these much-needed changes.

Export control reform is crucial to the success of the aerospace and defense industrial base to increase exports, enhance interoperability with our friends and allies and ensure that advanced technologies are protected in the most appropriate manner. AIA is committed to working with the administration and Congress to see these reforms continue and expand to the benefit of our economy and national security.

SpaceRef staff editor.