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AIA Applauds Budget Deal, Urges Action on FY2020 Appropriations

By SpaceRef Editor
July 23, 2019
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America has an ambitious agenda in the years ahead, including sending men and women back to the Moon, maintaining U.S. leadership in manned and unmanned aviation, and ensuring the U.S. military continues to be the strongest and best equipped in the world. None of these things are possible without the right attention and resources. 


The two-year budget deal reached by congressional and executive branch leaders is a critical step towards the fiscal certainty America needs to continue strengthening our economy and providing the next generation of systems and equipment to protect our nation. We welcome congressional action to forestall the draconian cuts of the Budget Control Act (BCA), but also believe that future agreements should avoid the unconventional use of the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account. OCO is intended to provide vital support to our warfighters during a surge and is not a reliable way to fund enduring programs. We look to Congress to schedule votes on this deal swiftly and urge congressional leaders to finalize appropriations bills that will fund the federal government – and avoid another continuing resolution – by September 30.

SpaceRef staff editor.