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A “walkaround” of Flight 141’s Ariane 4 launcher

By SpaceRef Editor
June 1, 2001
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The Ariane 4 for Flight 141 is complete following the installation of its
Intelsat 901 payload yesterday. The upcoming mission uses an Ariane 44L
version of the workhorse Ariane 4 family, which is equipped with four liquid
boosters for additional thrust at liftoff and during initial ascent.

Flight 141 will be the 104th Ariane 4 launch, and the 32nd using the Ariane
44L configuration. This vehicle is one of 13 Ariane 4s remaining to be
launched before the Ariane 4 family is phased out – after which Ariane 5
will become the primary launch vehicle for Arianespace.

SpaceRef staff editor.