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52nd IAF congress, A major event

By SpaceRef Editor
June 21, 2001
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The 52nd congress of the International Astronautical Federation has a special title, that of the 50th anniversary jubilee. But this is not the only reason it is a major event. The very substance of the different programmes is a
contributory factor. The primary asset of this encounter is, undisputedly, the high grade programme:
approximately thirty symposiums, nearly one hundred and ten technical sessions, a dozen plenary sessions, etc.
The scientific programme offers an extensive range of interventions and exchanges on the evolution of the
space field. Entering a new millennium has opened a horizon on current themes, such as environment
monitoring or space law, which are question areas for a large number of agencies. Another valuable asset of
this jubilee is youth: five hundred students will be present in addition to the expected fifteen hundred congress
delegates. For the first time, the students will not just be spectators, but rather active players in the congress.
Some students will, on request, give presentations or comments which will be the subject of communication
during technical sessions.

But despite its 50-year existence IAF has retained the asset of youth for this event. This dynamism is not lost
on industrialists; over the entire week, on a surface of 7 500 square metres, side by side with space agencies,
these major partners will promote their skills and products.

The equally attractive Outreach programme will enable both students and the general public to discover
common centres of attraction.

Finally the French Aeronautical and Astronautical Association, conscious of its responsibility as prime
contractor for this jubilee, with the local organisation committee, has made the most of the wealth of cultural
and tourist heritage in the Toulouse region to make up a social activities programme worthy of this
anniversary. It is in itself a focus of attraction, a unique opportunity to discover the charms of the French way
of life. Various associated or proposed activities compose high value added breaks in the congress which will
be a landmark in the extended space family.

The Outreach programme,

A major opening onto the space field

Activities, conferences, films, etc. the outreach programme has changed its approach to, but has nonetheless
retained the spirit of the space culture. Various activities are organised to welcome students and the general
public in an interactive relationship.

. Student Outreach is reserved for students from all countries who are interested in the space field. In total
there will be 500 students. The ESA and CNES are responsible for selecting the students, (ESA will select
350 European students and CNES will select 50 French students and 50 students from around the world). The
ESA will co-ordinate and be prime contractor for “student outreach” activities.

Approximately 30 Toulouse students will assist in the conduct of these operations.

. Public outreach

The Cité de l’Espace will present three main aspects:

. Man in Space

. Space applications as a modernity issue in decades to come

. Space contributions to the knowledge of the Universe and the origins of life.

Within this framework the following activities have been planned in different towns in the region:

à In Toulouse:

– A “Books and Space” exhibition at the Librairie Castela (bookshop on the place du Capitole)

– A space film festival in the film library

– A public debate on the theme “Ethics and Space”

– Youth project activities

– A competition and play workshops aimed at different sectors of the public in collaboration with “Association

à In Castres, in the Tarn department (80 kilometres east of Toulouse):

As part of the FAST (Futur Aerospatial Sud Tarn) programme, satellite retransmission of the Outreach
activities held in Toulouse.

The social activities programme

Immersion in French culture

On the same value basis, an attractive social activities programme will be one of the emerging points of this
week for congress delegates and their companions. France likes to take good care of its guests and the welcome
it reserves for them. The local organisation committee has chosen the top of the range when programming
receptions, visits and concerts. Special prime time events have been planned:

. Monday October 1st,

– From 10.00 a.m. to 12 noon, the 52nd congress opening ceremony at the Toulouse Palais des Sports.

– Inaugural reception and cocktail buffet in the Cité de l’Espace. Private
tour of the Cité, special entertainment and fireworks.

. Tuesday October 2nd,

– Concert given by the Orchestre National du Capitole, conducted by
Michel Plasson, world-famous conductor.

. Wednesday October 3rd,

– Tour of Toulouse museums. Classical painting and modern art,
historical and archaeological heritage of the region. Cocktail buffet to
end the evening.

. Friday October 5th,

– Gala dinner in the Concorde room of the Pierre Baudis Congress Centre.

Associated activities

In addition to the programmes

Associated activities are also planned on the fringes of the technical, outreach et social activities programmes:

. The United Nations-IAF workshop will be held in the Ecole des Mines d’Albi. This workshop will be
dedicated to the application of space technologies and services for the benefit of developing countries. It will
enable delegates from these countries to meet the leaders of the countries who developed the space programmes
in all fields of application.

. The International Astronautical Academy open day, on September 30th, will be organised around the
encounter between the Academy of Sciences, and the National Academy for Air and Space.

. The International Space Law Institute open day will be held at the Toulouse Université des Sciences Sociales
and the Société Française de Droit Aérien et Spatial (French Air and Space Law Society).

The partners

Unfailing support

An exceptional congress requires exceptional facilities. Whether public or private, the support contributed has
given this congress the magnitude it deserves. IAF and the local organisation committee were able to depend
on help from the town of Toulouse, the Haute-Garonne General Council, and the Midi-Pyrénées Regional
Council. The following organisations and companies also contributed to the implementation of this congress:
CNES, ESA, GIFAS, EADS, Astrium, Alcatel Space, ONERA, the Cité de l’Espace and Société Générale.

This exhibition is also another way of expressing this support because the industrialist partners will
demonstrate their know-how. Other exhibitors will join them from around the world: United States, Germany,
Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Japan, Israel, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, etc.

Outline of the Symposium

This symposium will include one special topic and 9 plenary sessions:

Special topics:

2nd October 2001 14h00-15h30

The Future of Satellite Navigation

Lon Rains -SpaceNews-

9 plenary topics:

1st October 2001 17h15-18h45

The Contribution from Space to environmental sciences, global changes monitoring and
natural hazards mitigation


2nd October 2001 12h00-13h15

A space business Odissey-Profitable Markets for the New Millenium


2nd October 2001 17h15-18h45

A New Era for Small Bodies Exploration


2nd October 2001 12h00-13h15

A fresh look on Spectrum Management : Space Business facing Scarce Resources


3rd October 2001 17h15-18h45

Towards a New European Space Policy


4th October 2001 12h00-13h15

Launch Services Evolution for the Coming Years

IAF Space Transportation

4th October 2001 17h15-18h45

Meeting the Needs of Space and Education for the New Millenium

IAF Space Education

5th October 2001 12h00-13h15

Space and Information Technology – from Digital Divide to Digital Bridge


5th October 2001 14h00-16h00

Living and Working on the Space Station

NASA/EurUSC IAF Space Station

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