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2008 Canadian Space Summit Update

By SpaceRef Editor
November 3, 2008
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Space Focused Ventures Have Been Profitable for over 40 Years

Businesses operating space related ventures have always been commercially viable since at least the 1960’s when the first Early Bird satellite was successfully launched into geosynchronous orbit for commercial purposes according to David M. Livingston in his paper, Space: The Final Financial Frontier.

And Canadian companies have always been leaders in this area, beginning with the launch of the Allouette and Anik satellites and moving forward from there.

In fact, it’s got to the point where Cabinet Minister Jim Prentice has gone so far as to say that “Canada has more than 200 firms that are involved in space” employing thousands of skilled workers who know that “working in space or working in the space-based industries is just another career option.”

The Canadian Space Commerce Association is a collaboration of Canadian entrepreneurs interested in taking advantage of these ongoing commercial opportunities available in the development of space according to CSCA Treasurer Chuck Black, who is acting as session chair for space commerce at the 2008 Canadian Space Summit.

According to Mr. Black, the Space Commerce sessions at the Canadian Space Summit are specifically designed to address issues relating to:

  • Access to investment capital, and the realization of commercial opportunities in space development by the Canadian financial sector.
  • The Canadian regulatory environment and legislation affecting the Canadian space industry.
  • Test range and launch site access.
  • Professional education and assistance with business planning and implementation
  • Canadian Space Agency priorities, funding and direction.
  • Government tax relief, grants, loans and other economic incentives.
  • Bringing international interest to Canadian commercial space activities.

“We welcome and encourage all business participation in the 2008 Space Summit” according to Mr. Black “and look forward to making many new industry friends and contacts to build and help grow the industry.”

The Canadian Space Summit is an annual event hosted by the Canadian Space Society, a national non-profit space advocacy group explicitly dedicated to helping the Canadian space industry, academia, and special interest groups develop a wider understanding of the diverse space exploration and development projects that are being conducted across the country.

The 2008 Space Summit theme is “What’s Next for the Canadian Space Industry?” It addresses relevant issues in Canada’s current and future space program and the major roles that could be played by various advocates, private sector companies, provincial and federal government organizations and academia.

The 2008 Canadian Space Summit is a must attend event for:

  • Aerospace executives and independent consultants focused on enhancing the global competitiveness of Canadian industries.
  • Space advocates and enthusiasts who believe in exploring space solutions to solve terrestrial problems and who want to network with their peers.
  • Professors and students at Canadian educational institutions focused on basic research in space or aerospace related areas.
  • Venture capitalists, SR&ED credit financing firms and other organizations seeking an introduction to innovative programs and projects being undertaken right now in Canadian facilities by Canadian scientists and engineers.

For more information on the schedule, accommodation information and speaker updates, please see the Space Summit announcement on the CSCA webpage at or contact the summit organizers via e-mail at summit AT

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