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$18,000 in Prizes Offered by Yuri’s Night in “Call to Humanity” Space Exploration Ad Competition

By SpaceRef Editor
March 20, 2011
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$18,000 in Prizes Offered by Yuri’s Night in “Call to Humanity” Space Exploration Ad Competition

Yuri’s Night is excited to commemorate the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight by launching two contests: the “Call to Humanity” Space Exploration Ad Competition, which calls on talented graphic designers, artists, and other creative individuals to create a powerful and inspiring print campaign that will move people to think about and support humanity’s future in space, and the “International Space Sweepstakes,” a free global drawing.

The Ad Competition Grand Prize is a 4-day Space Travellers “Zero-G Flight-Russia” travel package (with a $1,000 voucher for travel to and from Moscow), which consists of a microgravity flight aboard an Ilyushin-76 aircraft in Russia and an all-inclusive 4-day tour of the homeland of Yuri Gagarin – a $9,000 value in total. The submissions will be rated by a panel of celebrity judges based on their emotional impact, artistic merit, and adherence to the themes. The deadline for submissions is March 31st.

Simultaneously, Yuri’s Night is launching the International Space Sweepstakes to give anyone in the world the chance to travel to Russia, witness a rocket launch at Baikonur, and experience the history of the Russian space program first hand. Entries are free (though donations to Yuri’s Night are encouraged), but are limited to one per person. All interested and eligible participants are welcome (and encouraged) to participate in both the Competition and the Sweepstakes. The winner, who will be chosen by random selection, will receive a 10-day Space Travellers “VIP Lift-Off in Baikonur” travel package and a $1,000 travel voucher for travel to and from Moscow.

As the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight approaches, we find the next 50 years of human spaceflight and exploration uncertain. It is now more important than ever that we recognize our overwhelmingly fragile place in an utterly vast cosmic sea, and ensure that humanity continues in its quest to explore the final frontier, bring life to the cosmos, and protect life on Earth.

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