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Zooniverse Milky Way Project Update

By Keith Cowing
April 8, 2013
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The Milky Way Project has been live since December 7th and is still going strong, taking data from the Spitzer Space Telescope and asking you all to help us map the galaxy. If you haven’t tried it out yet, visit The Milky Way project volunteers have collectively classified more than 116,000 images. This involved marking a whopping 141,000 bubbles, 5,000 possible galaxies and 15,000 star clusters! Those are the raw numbers. When we combine all the individual drawings we find that you have created a catalogue of about 5,000 unique bubbles between you. This is about ten times larger than the current best published catalogue!
You can read more on the blog about the way we collate the data, on the blog, at The science team are all incredibly excited to begin working with your data to create new and updated catalogues of bubbles, star clusters, galaxies and more.

We have also created a list of the Top 10 favourite images from across the whole project. This is a beautiful collection of images that you can view either as a blog post at or on Milky Way Talk at

We’ll be in touch soon with more updates. Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful imagery from the Milky Way Project.

Rob and the Zooniverse Team

PS – We are planning to launch a new project in early 2011 and are looking for beta testers. If you would like to take part in a beta test of a new citizen science project about ancient texts, please get in touch with us on and make the subject of your email ‘Ancient Texts Beta’.

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