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University of Saskatchewan Makes First Attempt in Spaceward Games Finals and Comes up Short

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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This evening the University of Saskatchewan climbed the 400 foot ribbon in spurts tonight nearing the top but not quite making it and taking quite a bit of time in doing so. They feel they’ve identified the problem and will try to fix it before they try to win it all tomorrow. Team E-T-C tried to climb the ribbon again tonight as well but had more troubles and failed to make it up.

Tomorrow, which is an unscheduled added day to the competition due to weather problems, the four finalist will try one more time to climb the 400 foot ribbon in less than a minute and have controlled descent. Should anyone succeed they would win the $500,000 prize.

Unfortunately I will not be able to cover tomorrow’s event as I must return back home. However I will post updates tomorrow evening including some additional images and video from this evenings competition.

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