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Two Weeks to go Before Spaceward Games 2007 AKA The Space Elevator Games

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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In two weeks time the first of 24 teams will will begin qualifications in the Space Elevator Power Beaming and Tether Strength Competition for a chance at a $1,000,000 offered by NASA through its Centennial Challenges.

The Spaceward Games 2007 of which the The Space Elevator Games is a part of this year is being held at the Davis County Event Center just north of Salt Lake City, Utah between October 15-21 with the Space Elevator Games qualifying starting on the 15th. The public portion of the games will begin on October 19th and run through the 21st.

In addition to the Space Elevator competition the Spaceward Games will also feature the 2007 Great Light-Racer Championship (GLRC). Here’s how Spaceward describes the GLRC:

“The Great Light-Racer Championship is a technology and science competition designed for parent/child, teacher/students, or RC car hobbyist teams. The teams compete in solving a real NASA lunar exploration problem: building a rover that can operate in a permanently shadowed area of the moon. Competition rovers consist of an electric RC car, modified to operate using a beam of light as its power source.”

The Spaceward Games 2007 is a perfect event for the family providing insight into future technologies as well as educating young and old alike in an entertaining environment. The crew from the Space Elevator Reference will be attending and reporting on the daily events as they happen.

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