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Titan 1 Videos (Historical)

By Keith Cowing
April 8, 2013
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Titan 1 Rocket Launch Test 28 April 1960

Titan 1 Launch Attempt and Explosion 12 Dec 1959

Titan 1 Launch Attempt and Explosion 5 Feb 1960

Newest ICBM ‘Titan’ Launch 1959/02/09

First Titan in-silo Launch

Titan rocket crashes

SM-68A Titan I ICBM

Titan I at Lowery AFB


“Various shots as a Titan intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is fired from a one hundred and forty six foot deep silo, at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Panning shot with the Titan as it soars skywards. (Comb. F.G.)”


“Sign saying “National Defensive Area”. MS. entrance to Intercontinental Ballistic Missile station in the Colorado Plains. GV. of three Titan rockets standing ready for launching AT any time of the day. VS. the complex launching system underground which is manned by U.S.A.F. personnel around the clock.”

First in silo launch of ICBM Titan VS-1

Two videos 1 2 “First in silo launch of liquid fueled ICBM Titan VS-1 code named ‘Silver Saddle’. It carries a dummy second stage from Silo Launch Test Facillity in Vandenberg. The test was to confirm silo launch configuration and feasibility of launch from with in a silo. Ground level surface of silo. Underground ignition of the missile. Flames emerge from silo ducts. Missile emerges from silo and climbs. Flames from missile rocket boosters. 03 May 1961.”

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