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Third International Conference on Space Elevator Systems Just Over a Week Away

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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The European Spaceward Association is preparing for the Third International Conference on Space Elevator Systems – CNT Tether Design and Lunar Industrial Challenges. The conference will join some of the world’s leading researchers and engineers on space elevator systems and carbon nanotube fiber production. An add-on this year will be a session on lunar industrialization challenges.
In line with the scope of EuroSpaceward’s mission, ESA’s Aurora and NASA’s Constellation program, this new part of the conference will examine the research status of both NASA’s Lunar Regolith Excavation and MoonROx Challenge as well as latest activities concerning the Google Lunar X Prize. The conference is organized by the European Spaceward Association in cooperation with the National Research Fund of Luxembourg, the US Spaceward Foundation, the Japan Space Elevator Association, the Liege Space Centre, the University of Liege and the Universite Catholique de Louvain.


Dec. 5: Space Elevator System

Morning session

* Keynote: He3 mining on the moon
* Inflatable space tower versus tether
* The SpaceShaft Project

Afternoon session

* Results of NASA power beaming challenge
* Japan space elevator competition
* Top climber performance analysis
* Artistic project on space elevator climber design

Dec. 6: CNT Tether – Lunar Industrialization

Morning session

* Status of CNT fiber growth and strength
* Flaw tolerant design of space elevator tether
* Results of NASA’s strong tether contest

Afternoon session

* Regolith excavation challenge
* Lunar oxygen production challenge
* Latest on the Google Lunar X Prize

Date: 5-6 December 2009

Location: Novotel Luxembourg-Kirchberg, LU

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