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ThinkOrbital Gears Up for Landmark Changes in Space Manufacturing

By David Ariosto
September 28, 2023
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ThinkOrbital Gears Up for Landmark Changes in Space Manufacturing
ThinkOrbital space station illustration.
Image credit: ThinkOrbital.

Think of a “Death Star,” or just about any massive human-made structure that Hollywood has imagined in the cosmos. If any of them were built by conventional means — i.e., made on the ground and fitted atop a launch vehicle — chances are they would not fly. Limited payloads, high costs, and a range of other factors generally constrain size, even when the systems are modular in design, to be launched piece by piece and assembled in space like the International Space Station (ISS). 


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David Ariosto

David Ariosto is a journalist, author, and the host and founder of the Space Watch Daily podcast. He has spent more than two decades covering emerging geopolitical issues, technological trends, and the forces between them, working across more than 50 countries. He is currently working on a Knopf-Doubleday book project focused on the gripping saga of the second great Space Race.