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Space Elevator Sessions at this years International Astronautical Congress

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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This years International Astronautical Congress being held in Vancouver between October 4-8 will feature two sessions on Space Elevators.

The two sessions are:

IAA.3.8.2. Space Elevator and the Future of Tethers in Space

The Space Elevator is a revolutionary means of access to space conceived of as a 100.000 km ribbon of carbon nanotubes with one end attached to Earth and the other end beyond GEO. This session addresses the spectrum of issues and challenges associated with space systems design, orbital dynamics, space environmental factors, construction technologies, etc… of space elevators as well as advanced concepts for tethers.
IAA.3.8.3. Space Elevators and Advanced Tethers: Economic and Political

Impacts upon Space Development As a 100,000 km ribbon of carbon nanotubes, the Space Elevator will have a tremendous impact upon society and industry when launch-to-orbit costs are reduced to approximately $100/kg. This session will deal with the use and benefits of the Space Elevator and advanced tethers as well as political and economic considerations and international policy and legal issues.

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