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Space Elevator Featured at the Annual International Space Development Conference

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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The annual International Space Development Conference starts this Thursday through Sunday in Los Angeles and will feature 15 talks and 2 panels on the Space Elevator. Speakers include Brad Edwards, Ben Shelef, Tom Nugent, Geoff Landis, Blaise Gassend and many more. There will also be space elevator mock up by the SpaceWard Foundation and an update on the Space Elevator Games.

The conference is hosted by the National Space Society and the Planetary Society and I expect there will be a good turnout, perhaps more than 700 people. Other featured speakers include;

Buzz Aldrin
Apollo astronaut

Shana Dale
Deputy Administrator, NASA

Burt Rutan
Designer, X Prize winning SpaceShipOne

Bill Nye
The original ‘Science Guy’

Elon Musk
President, Space Exploration Technologies

Peter Diamandis
Founder and Chairman, X PRIZE Foundation

Rusty Schweickart
Apollo astronaut

Dennis Tito
The first space tourist

Gregory Olsen
3rd private citizen to visit ISS

Charles Elachi
Director, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Director, Hayden Planetarium

I’ll be there so if you want to talk about anything just ping me.

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