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Space Elevator Conference Takes Shape

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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With the 3rd annual Space Elevator conference less than two weeks away it’s time to take a look at the recently released schedule. A quick glance shows how much interest and support for the Space Elevator concept has grown in the last year.
The conference is highlighted by keynote speeches by John Mankin, Manager of Human and Robotics Technology, NASA and Brian Chase, Vice President of the Space Foundation. The conference will close with a diverse panel including:

  • Dr. Bradley C. Edwards, Director of Research, Institute for Scientific Research, Inc. (Conference host)
  • Thomas F. Rogers – Chief Engineer, Space Transportation Association / Chairman, Sophron Foundation
  • Donna Shirley – Director, Science Fiction Museum / Former Manager, NASA’s Mars Exploration Program
  • Dr. Paul D. Spudis – Planetary Scientist, Applied Physics Laboratory / Member, Aldridge Commission
  • George T. Whitesides – Executive Director, National Space Society

As expected most of the sessions deal with the technical nature of various space elevator, tether and ribbon technologies. Interestingly enough there are several sessions on health effects but disappointingly only 1 short session each for the economics and politics of the Space Elevator.

SpaceRef editor Keith Cowing will be at the conference and will provide a report of the event.

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