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Space Elevator Concept Becoming Mainstream?

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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Leading up to the third annual Space Elevator conference it seems that the message of tether/space elevator technology as a viable option for access to space is receiving more serious consideration and much less chuckles.
A closer look at Slashdot reveals more than half a dozen entries for the space elevator in recent months. Here are a couple more stories which were widely circulated.

  • Suffolk military lab is about to double in size ( Online)
  • Space exploration the easy way – on an elevator (The Dispatch)

    And the folks at the Institute for Scientific Research who are hosting the conference in Washington June 28-30 wanted me to remind everyone that the special hotel conference rate is available until May 27. Unfortunately the news release I was sent did not include the rate. You have to phone to find out.

    New speakers now include Mr. John Mankins, NASA’s Manager of Human and Robotics Technology, and Mr. Brian Chase, Vice President of The Space Foundation, are among the scheduled speakers.

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