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Space Elevator 2006 Competition Date Set

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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At the International Space Development Conference happening right now in Los Angeles, Ben Shelef of the Spaceward Foundation confirmed that the 2006 Space Elevator Competition will be held the weekend of October 19-22 in Las Cruces, New Mexico in conjunction with the X Prize Cup.

Last year the inaugural X Prize Cup demonstration attracted 12,000 people to the event and this years event is expected to attract even more. The first two days of the X Prize Cup will feature a summit with the world’s leading figures in the field of personal spaceflight and is limited to 300 participants. Details of this summit are expected within the next month from the X Prize Cup organisers. On October 21 & 22 is where the action will take place with over 20 rocket-powered launches expected.

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