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Running the Line – Stories of the Space Elevator

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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Running the Line
Running the Line is a new book edited by Brad Edwards and David Raitt. The book is a result of the second Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction Competition organized by the European Space Agency’s Technology Transfer and Promotion Office with the theme of Space Elevators. The competition generated 109 stories and images submitted from 29 different countries. It’s available from Lulu for $14.95. A must have book for any Space Elevator fan.

Here’s the promo for the book from the site:

“Science fiction is the realm of dreams, ambitions, hopes and fears. Science is what separates fiction from reality. But what happens when science and technology progress to the point where we can make science fiction reality? That junction is currently where we find the space elevator – poised at the brink of existence. Works of science fiction first fleshed out the concept of a space elevator and we have called upon the brightest young writers to explore the possibilities of a future with the space elevator.

In Running the Line the dawning of the space elevator, the far distant future and every place in between is examined. Young authors tackle construction of the first elevator, skydiving from space, regattas, colonizing the galaxy to returning home. These brilliant stories give us a glimpse of what will happen and perhaps a warning of what to prepare for.”

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