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Rehabilitation of Hangar 1 at NASA Ames Research Center

By Keith Cowing
April 8, 2013
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“NASA Ames Research Center is hereby soliciting information about potential sources for the design/build of the rehabilitation of Hangar 1, a historic property located at Moffett Field, California. The hangar is currently undergoing environmental clean up to remove hazardous materials. The remediation of environmental contamination and the removal of hazardous material are being undertaken by the US Navy. At the conclusion of the Navy’s environmental cleanup, the hangar will be returned to NASA as a structure free of hazardous materials, but without the exterior siding, roof, and windows. NASA’s intent is to rehabilitate the hangar with new metal siding, restore the historic windows, install a new roof on the upper crown of the hangar and return the hangar to a state of usefulness. The estimated cost is over $25,000,000.” More

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