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Recent and upcoming specials on the space elevator

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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Many of you caught the recent NOVA program that included a segment on the space elevator. It was a good program outling some of what is happening. If you missed it you can find it at the NOVA Science Now site (

Since there wasn’t much heads-up for the NOVA show I thought I would try to give a little warning on the next one – Discovery Channel is having a piece on the space elevator airing January 28th. From what I have seen of it the show should be very good. All of this publicity is good but more word of mouth will help in some areas. The climber competition for 2007 is looking good but can always use more sponsors/advertisin revenue. Anyone who know of a corporate or organizational sponsor who is up for $50k to $500K sponsorship let Ben Shelef know. This level of sponsorship will get a lot of exposure both at the competition and in the extensive attention to follow.

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