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NASA Solicitation: Space Technology Research Opportunities: Early Stage Innovations

By Keith Cowing
April 8, 2013
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“This solicitation seeks unique, disruptive, or transformational space technologies that have the potential to lead to dramatic improvements at the system level – performance, weight, cost, reliability, operational simplicity or other figures of merit associated with space flight hardware or missions. Although progress under an award may be incremental, the projected impact at the system level must be substantial and clearly defined. This solicitation is not seeking literature searches, survey activities or incremental improvements of an existing technology. This solicitation exclusively seeks proposals that are responsive to one of the five topics described: Asteroid Detection, Remote Characterization, and Impact Avoidance; Technologies for In Situ Instruments; Optical Coatings and Thin-film Physics; Oxygen Recovery Technology; and Improved Understanding of Cryogenic Propellant Physics. NASA anticipates addressing other areas/topics in future Space Technology Research Opportunities solicitations.” More

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