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NASA Nano-Satellite Launch Challenge

By Keith Cowing
April 8, 2013
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NASA Centennial Challenge to deliver two small satellites to Earth orbit in one week

From: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Category: Science & Technology
Partners: TBD
Prizes: $2,000,000

Objectives: 1) Safe, low-cost, small payload delivery system for frequent access to Earth orbit. 2) Innovations in propulsion and other technologies as well as operations and management for broader applications in future launch systems. 3) A commercial capability for dedicated launches of small satellites at a cost comparable to secondary payload launches -a potential new market with Government, commercial, and academic customers.

Deliver a payload with a mass of at least 1 kilogram and dimensions of at least 10x10x11 centimeters to Earth orbit, complete at least one orbit past the launch site and deliver payloads successfully at least two times in one week. The detailed rules and competition plans will be determined in the coming months, probably by early spring 2011.  The competition is expected to begin in 2011.  More information at

Submission Period: Start: Sep 01, 2011

More info at

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