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Nanotechnology in Aerospace – Space Elevator Section Included

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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Nanoforum Report
Nanoforum, a pan-European nanotechnology network funded by the European Union, has just released it’s Ninth Nanoforum Report on Nanotechnology in Aerospace. This 151 page report is available for download after you register (free) on the site.

While the report is geared primarily for the European market those interested current trends in nanomaterials and nanotechnologies will find the report full of useful information with references to ongoing projects outside of Europe as well including a section on the Space Elevator and the Centennial Challenges.

The report excludes military R&D applications and is targeted at audiences who are “non-experts of an academic level with a general interest in the potential of nanotechnology for aerospace applications, and experts involved in setting the strategic R&D agenda in this field”.
There are eight chapters with an extensive reference section. The chapters are:

1. Executive summary and introduction
2. Nanomaterials in Aerospace
3. Review of state of the art technology and future trends in Aeronautics
4. Review of state of the art technology and future trends in Spacecraft
5. Summary of Needs in Aerospace Research
6. Economic Aspects
7. Environment, Health and Safety Aspects
8. Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects

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