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Leaving the Planet by Space Elevator a New Book by Brad Edwards and Philip Ragan

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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Leaving the Planet by Space Elevator
Leaving the Planet by Space Elevator is a new book by our very own editor Brad Edwards and Philip Ragan. It’s not a technical book and is geared as an introduction to the Space Elevator concept so that everyone can grasp what the community is trying to do.

It’s available from Lulu for $15.26 as a PDF download or in print for $25.00. If you’re mystified by what a Space Elevator is and how it might one day get you into space it’s worth a read.

Here’s the promo for the book from the site:

“An easy guide to the most exciting development in space travel since the rocket. Stripped of the technical jargon, this is a laymans guide to the breathtaking developments surrounding the space elevator: a plan to string a 100,000 km from Earth to space, revolutionising space access.”

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