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LaserMotive Snags New Sponsors for Space Elevator Games

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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610899_LaserMotive_logo.jpegI received a press release today through Marketwire for LaserMotive announcing they had acquired new sponsors for the 2010 Space Elevator Games.
The news sponsors are; Zaber Technologies, a manufacturer of computer-controlled linear actuators, stages, mirror mounts, motors and other devices and Ophir Spiricon, a global leader in precision IR optics components and laser measurement equipment; and National Instruments, pioneers of virtual instrumentation for the measurement and automation industry.

“We’re pleased to announce these industry partners as sponsors of Team LaserMotive as we prepare to enter the next round of the Power Beaming Competition in 2010,” said Tom Nugent, president and co-founder of LaserMotive. “Laser power beaming — the wireless transfer of energy from one location to another using laser light — offers tremendous potential to businesses in a wide variety of industries, ranging from alternative energy to unmanned aerial vehicles. Not only do we believe that the sponsorships will enhance the development of our entry for this year’s Competition, but the technology developed can be used to further practical applications for laser power beaming, both near and long term.”

LaserMotive hopes the news sponsors will help them win the 2010 Space Elevator Games which has a prize of up to $1.1 million. Last year LaserMotive won $900,000 at the 2009 NASA sponsored Power Beaming Competition at the 2009 Space Elevator Games.

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