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Introducing Space For Humanity’s Second Citizen Astronaut: Sara Sabry

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
Space For Humanity
July 23, 2022
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Introducing Space For Humanity’s Second Citizen Astronaut: Sara Sabry
Sara Sabry
Space For Humanity

Today, Space for Humanity announced its selection committee has chosen Sara Sabry to become the organization’s second sponsored Citizen Astronaut.

Sara will become the first Egyptian to fly to space when she flies aboard Blue Origin’s NS-22 flight.

Sara, 29, is an Egyptian mechanical and biomedical engineer and founder of Deep Space Initiative (DSI), a nonprofit which aims to increase accessibility for space research. Sara became Egypt’s first female analog astronaut in 2021 when she was selected to complete a two-week analog Moon mission, which simulated the extreme conditions astronauts experience in Space. She will join five other crew members including Coby Cotton, Mario Ferreira, Vanessa O’Brien, Clint Kelly III, and Steve Young aboard New Shepard to experience the cognitive shift of the Overview Effect and incorporate that newfound perspective into a social impact project with the support of S4H’s Citizen Astronaut Program (CAP).

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