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Intelsat’s “Space Delivered” Payload Opportunities

By Keith Cowing
April 8, 2013
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According to Intelsat: “As the world’s largest commercial fixed satellite services operator, Intelsat typically procures 2 to 3 spacecraft per year and currently has 6 satellites – each designed for an operational life of 15+ years – in various stages of procurement and build. Intelsat’s spacecraft have many commercial customers who depend upon the timely delivery of satellite capacity and delaying procurement and/or launches could result in unacceptable contention on existing resources across the global fleet.”
Therefore, we place tremendous emphasis on our schedule commitments and our suppliers are world leaders in meeting on-time delivery. Intelsat’s ability to maintain a healthy satellite fleet and provision replacement satellites in a timely and cost efficient manner is at the core of our 40+ years of success as a global satellite operator. This core capability provides the opportunity to offer Hosted Payloads as a means for delivering on-orbit capabilities in a short time period. A typical Hosted Payload Program Schedule is as follows …”

More information is available at Intelsat’s “Space Delivered” program.

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