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In the News – Even on the ground, space elevators may have uses

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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The New Scientist has an article today on LiftPort‘s recent 60 day test of their 100 meter long tether and it’s potential application as a wifi transmitter in the sky. This is an interesting concept and usage for tether’s, but hardly useful for a Space Elevator which will be located in the middle of the ocean. However as an early spinoff technology it could be useful in fundraising.

Balloon-borne platforms developed as precursors to space elevators could be used as high-altitude relay stations for wireless communications, a 60-day field test suggests.

The company also tested their climbing robot on this tether, even though it was not crucial to finding out whether the balloons would work as a Wi-Fi station. The robot will be necessary in the future for delivering new helium tanks to balloons at higher altitudes.

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