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In the News – CNN International Article on the Space Elevator

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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Express lift to the stars, CNN International

“It’s a very credible idea; there is nothing wrong with the physics of it. If enough funding is found, it’s possible we could see a space elevator in about 20 years,” Robert Cassanova, director of NASA’s Institute for Advanced Concepts told CNN.”

“Space elevator expert Dr Bradley Edwards of the Spaceward Foundation is a pioneer in space elevator design. He believes that the current and ongoing developments in carbon nanotube technology holds the key to the project.”

“Commercial development and private funding is crucial to the future of space exploration. The space elevator would make space accessible for so many more people, so we believe the funding will come once the benefits are realised. Once we’ve proved the technology works, we firmly believe that the project will open up space for generations to come.”

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