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First Annual Space Elevator Games Ready For Ascent

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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Space Elavtor 2010

Well tomorrow the long anticipated day will be at hand. NASA’s first centennial challenge, called the “Space Elevator Games” by the Spaceward Foundation is set to start at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.

The first two competitions are focused on the development of lightweight yet strong tether materials (Tether Challenge) and wireless power transmission technologies (Beam Power Challenge).

Today the Spaceward Foundation sent me the schedule of events including a map of of the venues, and as you can see they have a full weekend of events planned.

It all starts Friday morning with a photo opportunity starting at 5 am!! And closes Sunday with the awards presentation at 3 pm.

In between there’s the power beanming and ribbon pull competitions, a VIP reception and a dinner party and auction.

I wish I was going but unfortunately there was a schedule conflict so I won’t be able to attend. If anyone reads this and wants to send in reports and pictures I’ll post them.

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