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Exosphere to Host Three Week Space Elevator Program

By Marc Boucher
June 22, 2015
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Exosphere to Host Three Week Space Elevator Program
A Space Elevator.

Exosphere, a Chilean company and who labels themselves as a “learning and problem-solving community”, will hold a three week Space Elevator program in Budapest, Hungary in mid-July as part of its Copernicus Series.
The theme of the program is “An Endogenously-Powered Space Elevator.”

Exosphere describes the goal of the program “is to design, build, and test virtual models and software libraries that model the technical development and surrounding economic environment of an Endogenously-Powered Space Elevator, which would utilize the energy generated by gravity using materials brought back to earth by space mining companies. This process would create an electrical loop, allowing satellites, scientific equipment, and other materials to be taken to space at near zero marginal cost. Split into two teams, the Technical Team and the Economics Team, the participants will further build mathematical models for an architecture capable of delivering these payloads into orbit.”

The concept is not new, but for those interested in getting together with like-minded people to tackle this concept, the three week program will be appealing. As well, the tuition set at $1450 (U.S.) includes room and board.

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