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EuroSpaceward formed in Luxembourg to promote SE Activities

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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In an effort to promote awareness and activities related to the space elevator in Europe, Markus Klettner has pulled together a team of European and American leaders in the SE development. The primary goal of the organization is to promote space and space elevator activities in Europe. The website, currently under construction, is at
The activities being pursued by EuroSpaceward include assisting in the German Space Elevator games to be held in 2008, organizing conferences related to the space elevator with the first one being this November in Luxembourg, publishing several books including The Space Elevator in Spanish and possibly French, and establishing a testing facility in Luxembourg for teams competing in the US or German games.

EuroSpaceward’s official mission statement and general guidelines for its activities include:

  • Promote participation in publicly accessible space programs in support of EuroSpaceward’s mission of the industrialization and settlement of space. (e.g. Elevator2010, NASA Beam Power and Tether Challenge, Mars Barn, Regolith Excavation Challenge, publicly open ESA projects etc.)
  • Assist in the coordination, financing (advice in sponsorship efforts etc.), and project management of outreach and development teams.
  • Organize technical and scientific events in Europe that support EuroSpaceward’s overall mission.
  • Provide audio-visual material, papers and text relating to the mission.
  • European partner of the Spaceward Foundation in the United States

The members of EuroSpaceward are:

  • Markus Klettner, Luxembourg, General Secretary
  • Bradley Edwards, Ph.D., USA, President
  • Randy Liebermann, USA
  • José Antonio Casas, Spain, Director of Spain
  • Jörn Lutat, Germany, Director of Germany
  • Detlef Mache, Ph.D., Germany, VP Europe
  • Benoit Michel, France, Director of France and Treasurer
  • Ben Shelef, USA VP USA
  • Metzada Shelef, USA

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