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Editor Bryan Laubscher’s Vision Statement

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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Our vision is for this website to be a keystone for the organization of the greater Space Elevator effort which is spread throughout the world. The journey of 100,000 km up the ribbon begins with just one step and now is the time be in action. Many of us have waiting for “something” to happen. Others have been working to make things happen with limited success. More and more it is clear to me that the fundamental reason to build the Space Elevator is to open up the high frontier so that the human race can use space to solve problems here on Earth. That vision is one that many individuals of varied backgrounds and motivations can align with and which will call them into action. So become involved and together we will make history!

SpaceRef co-founder, entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, nature lover and deep thinker.