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Call for Papers for the 2011 Space Elevator Conference

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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The theme of the 2011 Space Elevator Conference is: Developing Stronger, Lighter Tethers – “30 MYuri or Bust” and seems appropriate as without advances in tether strength there won’t be any material to build a space elevator in the future. So for those interested in contributing to the Space Elevator Conference the call for papers has now gone out.
The conference will once again be held at the beautiful Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington from August 12th through August 14th, 2011.

The first day of the conference, Friday, August 12th, will focus on this issue, as the biggest hurdle confronting the Space Elevator is constructing a tether that is both strong enough and light enough. The organizers specifically would like to encourage participation by materials science researchers on this exciting subject. The conference will also host that day the Space Elevator Games – Strong Tether Competition, a NASA challenge in which the tethers are subjected to a pull test to win a $2 million prize.

Here’s the tentative program:

Public Presentations (details subject to change)

– A Public Space Elevator Presentation – 7pm-8pm August 11, 2011 at the Microsoft Conference Center.

– Space Elevator 101 Sessions – Saturday, August 13, 2011 – attend one of two sessions (morning or afternoon, separate from the three-day technical program) where you can learn more about the space elevator.

3-Day Technical Program (details subject to change)

– Space Elevator Overview Presentation – the popular conceptual design
Presentation of the Artsutanov and Pearson Prizes to acknowledge and reward papers that most significantly contribute to a 30 MYuri tether. For more information, visit the International Space Elevator Consortium website, from the “Activities” tab click on “The Artsutanov and Pearson Prizes”.

– The NASA Centennial Challenges Strong Tether Competition – A NASA challenge in materials engineering in which the tether provided by each team is subjected to a pull test to win a $2 million prize (scheduled for Friday).

– Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Research – latest progress in high strength CNT research
SE Impact on the Future – transformations enabled by the SE, including exploration, using space resources to solve problems here on Earth, solar power platforms, extra-terran bases, and colonization.

– Roadmap Workshop – focusing on the four pillars of development, get engaged!
Shotgun Science Session – science ideas not ready for prime time: rapid sequence, 5 minutes each.

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