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By Keith Cowing
April 8, 2013
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The Terrestar-1 satellite, launched in 2008, is as big as a school bus, connects to a tiny handset called the Genus, and proves that communication satellites can provide data services effectively. The company that owns that satellite filed for chapter-11 bankruptcy protection on October 19th 2010. We believe that Internet access is a tool that allows people to help themselves – a tool so vital that it should be considered a universal human right. Imagine your digital life disconnected.

Without access to the 100 million man-hours that have been put into Wikipedia, how much do you actually know? Without your contacts online social networks how much can you accomplish? Without access to the news, weather, your bank account– how in charge of your life are you?

The Internet has transformed what it means to be human – we are now more connected to one another than ever before. Yet, over 5 billion people do not have access to this incredible invention, do not have a voice in the global dialog, or the opportunity to share ideas and learn from the Internet’s ever-expanding knowledge pool.

We believe that access to information and the Internet is a necessity for every global citizen and We plan to address the information inequality by making internet access so ubiquitous you can take it for granted: Free, global, seamless connectivity.

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