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Avatar Meets NASA on Mars

By Keith Cowing
April 8, 2013
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James Cameron and NASA team up to shoot Mars in 3D, DVICE

“James Cameron got plenty of experience creating an alien world in Avatar. Now the 3D pioneer is looking to test his might with the real deal, Mars, though still in three dimensions. Cameron met with NASA administrator Charles Bolden to pitch the idea of including a 3D camera on the space agency’s next generation rover, Curiosity, set to launch toward the red planet next year. “He actually was really open to the idea,” Cameron told the Pasadena Star News. “Our first meeting went very well.” Beyond the scientific value the detailed images could possess, Cameron may also use the footage in a documentary on Mars in the future.”

Avatar Director Helps NASA With Mars Cameras, Information Week

“NASA is getting help from Hollywood director James Cameron to build 3D cameras for the next Mars rover, Curiosity. The space agency abandoned plans to build cameras with the capability for the rover in 2007 due to budgetary concerns. That prompted the director ” known for blockbuster films Avatar and Titanic– to step in and personally petitioned the agency to build the cameras, according to NASA. The agency this month said it has delivered the last two of four science cameras — called Mastcams — for the rover without 3D capability.”

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