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Afternoon Spaceward Games Power Beaming Challenger Qualifying Results

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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This afternoon teams had the opportunity to improve on their qualifying results of yesterday. Because of the bad weather yesterday, provisional qualifying was held indoors to see if teams could attach their climbers and show they could climb the ribbon, stop and descend the ribbon safely. All the teams except Centaurus succeeded.

Today they were to continue qualification by going up to the top of the 100 foot ribbon and come back down. With the sun hiding behind the clouds much of the day this proved a challenging task for the solar powered teams.

Four teams attempted to climb the ribbon this afternoon. First up was team E-T-C and they did not succeed. A power issues seems to have been the problem. Later in the afternoon they tried again and unfortunately did not succeed again. The same issue seems to have plagued on their latest run.

E-T-C attempts qualifying.
[The small crane, yes the small 100 foot crane is setup for a team to qualify. Later in the day the 400 foot crane is setup.]

Updated at 4:50 Mountain Time with new Technology Tycoon video.
The second team to try was UBC and although the sun was eluding them they did manage to show the judges that given enough sunlight their climber could reach the top of the ribbon.

[Video of UBC qualifying attempt)

Next up was the Technology Tycoons. With one of the simplest designs Of the four teams attempting to climb the ribbon the Tycoons showed enough to judges to consider them further qualified.

[Video of Technology Tycoons qualifying attempt)

Last up this afternoon was the Kansas City Space Pirates and they once again demonstrated that their design works by easily qualifying, even with the limited sunlight.

Video’s of the other teams qualifying will be available shortly.

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