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A Message From – And To – NASA From Star Trek Strange New Worlds

By Keith Cowing
June 4, 2023
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A Message From – And To – NASA From Star Trek Strange New Worlds
Actor Anson Mount on the set of Star Trek Strange New Worlds reading a message from NASA

Last week there was an event at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex titled “How Science Fiction Has Impacted Space Exploration and Policy” sponsored by Redwire Corporation. The event consisted of a panel moderated by Redwire’s Mike Gold, an unabashed Star Trek fan who previously held senior positions at NASA headquarters.

The panel was composed of Jess Bush, Visual artist and Actor on “Strange New Worlds”; A.C. Charania, NASA Chief Technologist; and Morgan Gendel, Screenwriter, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Deep Space 9”, and Aerospace Entrepreneur.

To open the event, Gold played a video shot several years ago on the set of “Strange New Worlds” during the height of the pandemic. In the video, actor Anson Mount, who plays Captain Pike in the show, read a note to the cast and crew of “Strange New Worlds” from (then) Associate Administrator for Space Policy and Partnerships Mike Gold and (then) Acting NASA Chief of Staff and Senior White House appointee Bhavya Lal.

Morgan Gendel, A.C. Charania, Jess Bush, and Mike Gold Inside the VAB – credit Mike Gold

The following is a verbatim transcript of Mount’s comments starting at 4:18 in this video.

Anson Mount: “First day on the bridge [applause] and in commemoration of this I get a little letter that a couple of people wanted me to send to the crew – specifically – and I am going to read it now.”

“Every new discovery, advanced technology, and ambitious exploration begins with a vision.

Dreams are the fuel that have driven humanity’s journey to the stars.

At NASA, we have sent astronauts to the Moon, operated an international space station for over 20 years, and have landed rovers on Mars.

All of these achievement require massive engineering efforts, powerful rockets, and complex spacecraft, but every single one began as a dream.

The dream is what comes first and is the foundation that the future is built upon.

For both of us, and so many of our colleagues at NASA, and throughout the space industry, [emotional pause] our dream is Star Trek.

[Cue Star Trek music]

For over half a century, Star Trek has provided a bold vision of a future full of wonder and awe.

During difficult times of disease and strife, Star Trek’s message of hope and optimism stands out like a beacon calling to generations of scientists and engineers and explorers to transform the dream of a better future into reality.

Despite whatever challenges humanity may be facing, Star Trek has taught us that tomorrow will be better.

That we will feed the world, heal the sick, and join together in a federation that celebrates differences universally.

Star Trek’s hallmark of open optimism has never been more relevant – and needed – than it is today.

As you step onto the bridge of the Enterprise, please recognize that you’re not just doing a television show, you’re taking the first step in a journey of exploration that begins by continuing the dream that is Star Trek.

You work serves to inspire all of us at NASA and around the world to be better and to explore the mysteries of the universe.

Both of us take particular joy of seeing our beloved Enterprise yet again set sail for the stars and know that while your ship may be fictional, it carries with it the very real dreams of all of us who have dedicated their lives to space exploration.

We’re grateful for what all of you in this production have done – and what you will do to show us the future worth striving for.

May the wind always be at your backs.

Sincerely – the Associate Administrator for Space Policy and Partnerships, Mike Gold and Acting NASA Chief of Staff and Senior White House appointee, Bhavya Lal.”


Note: The second Season of “Strange New Worlds” begins streaming in the U.S. on Paramount Plus on June 15, 2023.

Mike Gold, Jess Bush, and Morgan Gendel – credit Mike Gold

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