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4th Luxembourg Carbon Nanotechnology and Space Elevator Systems Summary Available

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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The European Spaceward Association has made available a summary report from the recent 4th Luxembourg Carbon Nanotechnology and Space Elevator Systems as well as the book of abstracts.
In his introductory address Markus Klettner, Executive Director of EuroSpaceward, pointed out the strategic focus of the year 2010 conference on carbon nanotechnology in order to boost an envisaged research project between Luxembourg laboratories and international partners on the growth of ultra-long CNT fibers that possess at the same time ultrahigh tensile strength. He emphasized the need to further advance the development of high strength macroscopic CNT fibers by focussing on the vital aspects: growing long CNTs as well as aligning and fostering international research work on mechanical properties of CNT fibers.

Download the summary report. (PDF)

Download the book of abstracts, part 1 (PDF), part 2 (PDF).

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