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15 Teams to Participate in Space Elevator Games

By Marc Boucher
April 8, 2013
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Well the official list of teams that will definitely be participating in this years Space Elevator Games at the X Prize Cup have been released by the Spaceward Foundation. Among the teams highlighted in the Spaceward press release are:

The sole US university entry comes from the University of Michigan. The MClimber is part of the Student Space Systems Fabrication Laboratory (S3FL) from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The team members are all students at the University of Michigan, almost all in Aerospace Engineering or Electrical Engineering. “The space elevator has great potential and could have very important impacts in our society.” wrote Julie Bellerose, the team captain. “We want to contribute to its development. At the same time, we think the Elevator:2010 competition is a great opportunity to learn and apply engineering knowledge to a real-world project.”

The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatchewan, Canada is coming back this year for a second try at the prize purse. They have started the U of S Space Design Team, also known as USST, which was founded “to give students with an interest in space the opportunity to apply their engineering and physics knowledge to real-world design problems relevant to the space industry. Such a team will allow students not only to foster their individual interest in space but also to enrich their university education experience.” There are over 20 students in the USST and they hope to grow larger with more publicity.

One of the two European entries, Max Born College from Ruhrarea, Germany has been testing their climber back home. Under the tutelage of Professor Joern Lutat, they have been making solid progress towards the competition. Their latest demonstration climb brought dozens of reporters and news cameras to watch their home team practice for a piece of space history. Pictures of the event and links to the articles (in german) can be found here:

The Spaceminers are a privately funded group from the Dallas Fort Worth area. Competing for their second year, they have two climbers under development that they plan to bring to New Mexico. “The SpaceMiner Project has been developed to raise funds and publicity for the Dallas Fort Worth Spaceport ( by entering and winning multiple centennial challenges as well as other aerospace design contests. Said an enthusiastic Vince Lopresti, Founder of the Spaceminers. “Our ultimate goals are to score a contract with NASA, and build the REAL space elevator!”

Get the full list here.

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