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AIAA Aerospace Perspectives Series: On-Orbit Mission Enhancement and Logistics

November 17 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

On-Orbit Mission Enhancement and Logistics

This webinar is hosted by AIAA, is presented by Lockheed Martin, and is open to all members of the AIAA and ASCEND communities.

AIAA Aerospace Perspectives Series: On-Orbit Mission Enhancement and LogisticsTo ensure mission success, as well as the longevity, flexibility, and value of on-orbit space assets, the space industry is developing a variety of on-orbit satellite servicing capabilities for commercial use and for onboarding to government programs. This event will feature some of the industry and military leaders who are driving on-orbit satellite servicing capabilities to tell the story of how we are accelerating these advancements to benefit the space industry.

A standardized docking port enables successful on-orbit servicing missions by accommodating a wide-range of Satellite Augmentation Vehicles (SAVs). The port enables SAVs to attach to a host vehicle to provide an expansive selection of mission augmentation including mission enhancements, system upgrades, failure recovery, and alternative communication paths. Lockheed Martin Space has released the first open-source Mission Augmentation Port (MAP) standard and is rapidly expanding its family of high-technology readiness level (TRL) docking ports. Investments in mission augmentation and on-orbit satellite servicing will bring value to the bustling space economy, enhance cooperative architectures, and extend mission longevity.


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