Western U.S. As Seen From Orbit

By Keith Cowing
June 29, 2014
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Western U.S. As Seen From Orbit
Western U.S. As Seen From Orbit

One of the Expedition 40 crew members aboard the International Space Station recorded this image showing several states in the USA and a small part of Mexico, including Baja California, on June 23, 2014. Parts of Nevada are visible in the bottom of the frame.
The area in the Mojave Desert where many space shuttle missions successfully ended is visible near the scene’s center. The Gulf of Cortez and several hundred miles of the Pacific coast line of Mexico and California are visible in the top portion of the photo. The heavily populated Los Angeles Basin is just above the Mojave site of shuttle landings, with the San Diego area partially obscured by the docked Russian Soyuz vehicle in the foreground. The Salton Sea is just above left center frame.

ISS040-E-017377 (23 June 2014) – Larger image

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