The View From Space: Nile River And Delta At Night

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
July 12, 2021
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The View From Space: Nile River And Delta At Night
Nile River And Delta At Night
ESA/NASA–T. Pesquet

Thomas Pesquet: The Nile river and delta at night are sumptuous. The city lights that follow the Nile and its life-giving water illuminate its passage to the Mediterranean Sea.
The Moon was shining brightly when I took this picture and reflects off the surrounding waters, especially Bardawil lake. The silhouette of our solar arrays add some attention to the foreground.

De nuit, le Nil et son delta sont somptueux. C’est une forme qu’on reconnait immédiatement depuis l’espace. Les lumières suivent le cours du fleuve jusqu’à la mer éclairées par la Lune. Elle illumine aussi la Mer Rouge et le lac Lac Bardawil.

Credits: ESA/NASA-T. Pesquet larger image

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